ManifesTrack Conducts National Survey on The Effectiveness of the NSIP

ManifesTrack Conducts National Survey on The Effectiveness of the NSIP

In a bid to reach a larger audience, the team conducted a survey aimed at the following: (i)To evaluate how familiar Nigerians were with the NSIP and its various programmes. (ii) To evaluate how familiar they are with the promises made by the administration and how satisfied they are. (iii) To have a sample of beneficiaries.

The finding are as follows:

  1. 73.9% respondents are you aware while 26.1% are not aware of the National Social Investment Programme – from this data, there is an indication that a large percentage of Nigerians does not only know about the NSIP, but also benefitted from the programme.
  2. 65.2% respondents (in a linear scale rating) shared that they were unsatisfied in the President’s achievement in the area of social investments – this is a clear indication that the campaign promises of Mr. President in 2019 were not fulfilled.
  3. Below is the breakdown of the List of NSIP Beneficiaries captured from the survey:
  • N-POWER – 60.9%
  • Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme – 13%
  • National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) – 8.7%
  • Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP) – 13%

The above breakdown indicates that NSIP had more outcomes from the N-POWER programme than the other interventions, this was attributed to N-POWER had a longer tenure, while the other programmes largely were implemented during election seasons and the outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore, we encourage Government to initiate sustainable interventions rather than one-off for increase in these kinds of results.

Suunen Atsuwe
CEO, In-Line Informatics Ltd | 08131312413

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