#WeTrackManifesto: Health

ManifesTrack Team Evaluates the Performance of President Buhari on the Nigerian Heath care system via a data-driven assessment in relation to next level promises.

The foundation for sustainable economic growth is qualitative, accessible and affordable healthcare, prior to the 2019 elections, President Muhammad Buhari made Next level Campaign promises on health. The ManifesTrack project, as an integral part of its mandate to hold President Buhari accountable to his electoral promises, evaluated performance of the President on the state of the Nigerian Heath care system via a data-driven assessment.

The promises centered on four (4) major cardinal points:

  1. Health insurance for all via a co-payment system, with priority for the poorest.
  2. Enlisting medical professionals via the N-power medic program to serve in rural areas.
  3. Contribution of 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund through the basic health care provision fund.
  4. Implementing the National Strategic Health Development Plan II

The team tracked, the first three (3) promises mentioned above. The data available from 2019 till date shows none of these promises have been implemented.

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