#StreetChat: Nigerians Speak about Health

Citizens’ participation is an integral element of a functioning democracy, and the extent to which political office holders keep their electoral promises has an impact on democracy.  In another episode of street chat, ManifesTV correspondence; Faith Oche engaged Nigerians on the performance of president Buhari on health care system.

Ifeoma, a nursing mother on a way to the hospital said that:”I use the General hospital in town for my baby, because the hospital in the village I stay is not functional.” Reacting to the functionality of Government Hospitals Joshua a business man expressed that; “The patients are more than the doctors, the structure is not functioning”.

On the issue of health care insurance coverage, a respondent Dorcas expressed her opinion that; “The awareness on health insurance is low and the system among hospitals is not uniform”. Investigating further, our correspondent asked a couple of other persons. Most of them expressed concerns on the affordability of health care services. Generally, respondents rated the president’s performance on health as average.

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