The National health insurance coverage is abysmal – Dr. Babarinde Abdulraheem

Our Guest Analyst on this episode of ManifesTalk is Dr. Babarinde Abdulraheem. He is a medical doctor,  public health analyst and an SDG advocate. He shared his opinion  on the state of the healthcare system delivery with our ManifesTv correspondence Amina Yahaya.

He started by highlighting that the performance of the administration as regards the next level road map on health hasn’t been impressive, as we are yet to see any significant improvement.

Babarinde went further to give an overview of the 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund ( CRF) to fund health via the Basic Health care Provision fund( BHCPF) and it’s usage and importance to sustainable healthcare delivery.

He however highlighted; that since its inception and disbursement in 2018, there have been no further disbursement.

When asked about the state of health insurance. He replied by saying the; “… The National health insurance coverage is abysmal”, considering the fact that only less 10% of the populations have health insurance, majorly in the formal sector. Which indicates that majority of Nigerians (especially the poorest 40%), don’t have access to pre-payment plans and at such Nigeria have of the highest Out of Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) for health in Africa.

He went further to identify factors responsible for low insurance coverage for Nigerians, such as; the legislation establishing the National health insurance scheme (NHIS) didn’t make it  mandatory,low level of awareness about health insurance, the effectiveness of the scheme which has reduced trust among Nigerians and finally, high level of poverty, making it difficult for individuals to seek health insurance packages.

On a final note, he explained various insurance packages available to Nigerians and advise the public to have an insurance plan that suits them.

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