Excerpt From Our Key Expert Interview on the National Social Investment Programme: We Are Not Where We Ought To Be – Sunday Adaje

Our Guest Analyst on ManifesTV Sunday Adaje, Sunday is the founder of Sikika Africa Initiative, shared his thoughts on the effectiveness of the NSIP with our correspondence Bakare Majeed during the May episode of ManifesTalk. He said that the idea   behind the National Social Investment is  commendable, however,  the execution so far has not been […]

ManifesTrack Conducts National Survey on The Effectiveness of the NSIP

In a bid to reach a larger audience, the team conducted a survey aimed at the following: (i)To evaluate how familiar Nigerians were with the NSIP and its various programmes. (ii) To evaluate how familiar they are with the promises made by the administration and how satisfied they are. (iii) To have a sample of […]

Voices from the street- Nigerians Speak about the NSIP.

Citizens’  participation is an integral element of a functioning democracy, and the extent to which political office holders keep their electoral promises has an impact on democracy.  In another episode of street chat, ManifesTV correspondence ; Nurudeen Hassan engaged  Nigerians on the NSIP of which they ranked the president low on the promises made on […]

Evaluating the Performance of President Buhari on the NSIP

As an integral Part of our mandate to hold of public office accountable to their electoral promises. The ManifesTrack team via a data-driven assessment evaluated the performance   of the Muhammadu Buhari led administration on the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) based on promises made as contained in the APC  Next Level Roadmap and other sources. […]