Alistair Soyode

Alistair Soyode

Alistair Soyode, Presidential Candidate of Yes Electorates Solidarity (YES)


Soyode was born in Katsina in July 1963 (age 55). He is the Chairman of Europe’s 1st Ethnic Media Satellite Company. Soyode is the former Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation, an Organisation responsible for the well-being of professional Nigerians outside the country. Alistair is on the board of many national and international Organisations. Alistair completed his studies at Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic in Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering. He is branded and reputed to have made his mark in Africa and on Black people. He is listed among Africa’s top 100 personalities for 2018.

Priority Areas


As we gain our strength and rightful position in the world, we will help lead the African continent and rightly be the GIANT OF AFRICA. The world will know indeed that Nigeria is here at last. THE BRIDGE between the have and have nots will be met by the Bridge voters. We shall rise quickly as a nation, and our citizens will be highly revered and respected.


To overhaul our education system. Encourage research work in Nigerian higher institutions to work and come out with practicable solutions, such that, when executed, they will serve a purpose in the areas of improving Nigerians socially, her economy and make an impact outside the country. Strategize with local and state leaders to ensure that Nigeria becomes a nation where education and skills can take centre stage.


I can assure Nigerians that within 24 months, our capacity for generating power will double. We will see growth in all industries, potentially adding more than $1tr to our GDP and this will increase living standards and life expectancies. We shall embrace new ways of providing energy in this technological revolution, to enhance our productivity, provide consumables to all and strengthen our institutions, eliminating economic failures and failings.


Our elders will be provided for, far and beyond what they have seen.


The last letter, S, in our YEEEEEEES is fully focusing on security. We shall therefore strengthen our armed forces starting with reform of the Police. We shall increase their budget to fully train and equip them with the necessary tools to fight crime. We shall provide peace and protect our people equally without favour to any particular group of people.


We sincerely do need diversification, moving away from oil to manufacturing and services. Those running small to medium sized enterprises need our support to start and grow their business. The failings of the economy can be and will be transformed without delay. From improving roads so it is easier to transport goods, to improving the banking system so that businesses can receive investments, we will make sure these policies are introduced without hesitation.


Our Employment will be to reduce the high level of unemployment seen in the country over the years. We shall empower the innovative minds and brains of our people, from our youth to the elders. Our most important industry is our small to medium sized businesses and we must work with our financial institution to provide them with good incentives in the way to go.


Enterprise here describes agriculture, health, the labour market and similar industry.

Health – We shall, without delay, turn the tables upside down. I guarantee full assurance as written in our Nation’s constitution. There is going to be rapid increase in basic health care services across the country. (facing one of the latest challenges such drug abuses etc)

Agriculture – We shall improve our farming equipment and secure the best crops and cattle for our growth, as well as improving storage facilities and this will propel us to advance in our agriculture production.

Infrastructure – We shall encourage our Government Ministries, Departments and Parastatals’ Publication to be more accountable in their expenditure. This will reduce corruption and helps boost our economy. We shall ensure that our products are improved and promoted, in Nigeria and globally. We shall unleash Nigeria into the technological age. The Nigerian nation has all the endowment and resources to ranked as the richest African nations. I want to see technology made in Nigeria.


The last E is for Experts, Experience, Equality, Enforcement of policies, rules & laws. We shall Encourage Innovations from our youths and creative minds. We shall use technology to close many of the loop holes and this will deal a massive blow to such practices and help bring offenders to justice. No case will stay in court beyond the time frame limit set on matters of criminal and corrupt offenses.