Eunice Atuejide

Eunice Atuejide

Eunice Atuejide, Presidential Candidate of National Interest Party (NIP).


Eunice Atuejide was born August 16, 1978 (age 40). She is a legal practitioner, businesswoman, and the Founder and Party Leader of the National Interest Party (NIP). She attended Onike Girls Primary School in Lagos, where she spent one year before transferring to Reagan Memorial Girls Secondary School also in Lagos. For a short period, she studied Agricultural Economics at the University of Ibadan and later enrolled for Diploma in French Language at the Institut Internationale d’Etudes Française, in Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg. She obtained LLM in Professional Legal Practice at BPP University, London, United Kingdom. Eunice holds a Blackbelt in Taekwondo..

Priority Areas

Corruption Eradication.

  • My government will use educational programmes and tools, the print media, television and radio stations, physical and online outreach programmes to reorient our people on the evils of corruption.
  • I will relentlessly follow and trace national wealth into every personal, corporate or national account they landed in the six decades of our independence.
  • Although my government will concentrate its efforts on recovering Nigeria’s misappropriated national wealth and thus pay less attention to pursuing criminal cases against offenders, for cases where there is overwhelming evidence, enough to obtain a conviction for any individual or organisation, we will stop at nothing to obtain such convictions.
  • To help pursue the equitable remedies of following and tracing, graduates who specialised in the law of equity and trusts, forensic accounting, criminology and forensic evidence will be employed in torrents to join or even man the anti-graft agencies, whose jobs it will be to follow and recover these funds for our country.
  • My government will constitute independent anti-graft agencies, and ensure it is the best qualified of us who are selected to man their affairs.

Influence of Technology.

  • My Government will support and power public & private investments in science, technology, and research using information & communication technology (ICT) to create good jobs in every community in Nigeria.
  • We will strive to connect every household in Nigeria to high-speed broadband at an affordable rate, and help institutions offer free WiFi to the public.
  • We will protect the intellectual property rights of artists, creators, and inventors in the ICT industry.
  • I believe we need to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn computer science by the time they graduate from secondary school. At the primary and secondary school levels, basic computer skills must be part of the curriculum.
  • We must use IT innovation to promote grassroots participation in policy issues, and enhance opportunities to achieve greater economic self-sufficiency for Nigerians, especially people with disabilities.


  • Review the agreements the Nigerian Government entered with private electricity production and distribution companies with a view to renegotiate conditions which have clearly stalled progress in the delivery of electricity to the masses.
  • Special attention will be paid to electricity production and distribution stations, plants and turbines across the country.
  • My administration will develop schemes which encourage the use of solar energy in housing and for industrial purposes. We will promote the education of unemployed young men and women in this area so as to enable them acquire relevant expertise to join the solar power industry.
  • We will invest in the field of hydro energy to increase electricity yield in Nigeria.
  • We will also build wind farms across the country and encourage wind energy production on a massive scale – particularly in the more arid parts of the country.

Food Security

  • My administration will provide funding and encourage programs which protect and enhance family farms, local food markets, and regional food systems; however we will also invite investments on a large scale to every manner of agriculture and production of raw materials for use in Nigeria and for export.
  • We will develop programmes to help our younger generations take on the study of agriculture as a core module.
  • We will actively encourage industrial farming and food processing by offering free to low cost materials, loans and subsidies to businesses in the food production industry.
  • We will allocate resources to the improvement of facilities for distilling and distributing portable piped water to every part of Nigeria including the rural communities.

People Development

  • My administration will be committed to raising young people of class for our New Nigeria.
  • We will reorganise the entire sporting landscape in Nigeria. We will involve our young ones in the reinvigoration, refurbishment, and rebuilding of the systems and structures involved with sports and sporting activities in Nigeria.
  • We will fund the introduction of sports and other leisurely physical activities in our primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions.
  • We will encourage community sporting activities where outstanding performances will be recognised and rewarded.
  • We will promote and support our athletes who go out to represent us as a country. We will properly accommodate them and provide them with agreed financial incentives as at when due.
  • My administration will work with our secondary and tertiary institutions of learning to inculcate basic management and leadership development programmes in their syllabuses.
  • We will review the NYSC program with a view to restructure it and provide adequate funding for its proper management and the management of the welfare of the Corps members.
  • The policy that requires NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate before our young men and women may become gainfully employed is counter-productive thus will be removed.

Electoral Reforms

  • My administration will install control mechanisms to ensure corrupt practices among our electoral officers are completely eradicated.
  • We will revamp INEC to ensure highly qualified men and women take over the organisation and leadership of the commission.
  • We will ensure that up-to-date information on election matters can be accessed round the clock on the INEC official website.
  • We will invest heavily in the adoption of information and communication technology by the commission so as to ensure Nigerians can register to vote online from whatever parts of the country they may reside.
  • We will ensure that the provisions of the constitution which require that members of the National Assembly, and the Houses of Assembly of the States who defect from the political party they rode into power with, must immediately vacate the offices they were elected into upon such defection are enforced and that these provisions are extended to cover governors and the president.
  • We will steadfastly pursue election tribunal matters which the decisions of court did not follow a logical flow with the facts or the matter and the judgment handed down.
  • My administration will push for Constitutional and Electoral Act reforms which will plan for, and allow proven Nigerians in the Diaspora to vote during all general elections.

National Security

  • We will invest heavily in equipment and training for our security agencies and ensure probity and accountability is restored to their leadership.
  • We will deal wisely and firmly with those who seek to endanger us or our visitors and friends. We will stop at nothing to deter aggression, and promote peace; however we will always use diplomacy and dialogue to confront security threats so as to ensure combat is our last resort.
  • We will improve the conditions of service for each police officer, undertake an upward review of their salaries and concessions and install a technology based salary paying scheme for every police officer in Nigeria.
  • We will look critically at the leadership of our Military to ensure that only patriotic gallant officers truly united in the effort to help Nigeria grow, are allowed to control and direct our Military.
  • We will invest in our navy to bring it to the point where it can rapidly respond to cases of emergency on our waters.
  • We will invest in our Airforce and bring them to internationally competitive standards.
  • We will overhaul the entire prison service. Put men and women of integrity in charge of our prisons, review the cases of all the inmates in all the prisons in Nigeria and demand the immediate release of all inmates who have awaited trial longer than the maximum possible term they would have served.
  • My administration will demand immediate and speedy trial of all the others who were remanded pending a decision on their cases.
  • We will ensure measures are put in place to rehabilitate incarcerated offenders.
  • I am committed to the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. We will fight the existing menaces and we will prevent other groups from emerging in their place.
  • My administration will implement emergency measures to ensure grazing lands are proportionately and fairly allocated to our herdsmen.
  • We will improve our intelligence capacities; implement appropriate measures and safeguards to detect terrorist activities before harm is perpetrated on our people.
  • I am of the view that Nigeria belongs together. Any group therefore which seeks to divide us, by deliberately inciting others into violence, and deliberately causing agitation among our people for its own selfish purposes, will be dealt with appropriately.
  • However, I believe that every part of Nigeria has the right to come together and in one voice demand to separate from the rest of Nigeria. Therefore, where it is clearly a popular choice by the people within the communities seeking to separate from Nigeria, we will employ appropriate measures to ensure a peaceful and properly effected separation of such groups from the rest of Nigeria.


  • I propose to use existing road maps in Nigeria to plan a new road network for the entire country.
  • My administration will enter multiple Public-Private-Partnerships (“PPP”) with proven, renowned and completely reliable road construction companies in Nigeria and rest of the world.
  • We will enter Build-Operate-and Transfer (“BOT”) arrangements with companies in Nigeria and all over the world who have the proven expertise to build world class airports, runways and duty free shops within the airports in record time.
  • We will provide strict regulatory guidelines for airlines in Nigeria to follow in dealing with passengers in situations of delays or cancellation of flights. – We will raise the bar for airline operators in Nigeria; however we will also make the conditions for entry and participation in the business of safely carrying Nigerians and her visitors from place to place easier.
  • We will revitalize the Nigerian railway systems by entering BOT agreements with companies that can design and build an enviable railway network for Nigeria.
  • We will facilitate development of safe and comfortable water transportation systems in Nigeria by embarking on dredging projects where needed, the construction of dams, channelization and canalization of our rivers.

Economic Development and Job Creation.

  • I am committed to an economic recovery which will benefit every Nigerian. We will fight to ensure resources are adequately allocated nationwide; to ensure rural development, job training, and critical infrastructural investments throughout Nigeria.
  • We will advance Nigeria’s infrastructure so as to attract businesses and thereby create good jobs across the entire country.
  • We will strive for a policy of privatisation for sectors of the economy where government control is only a deterrent to development.
  • I aim to diversify the economy, reduce reliance on crude oil, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, and with that expand the middle class which will strengthen our economy.
  • I am committed to doing everything possible to build a full-employment economy, where every Nigerian has a job which pays enough to raise a family and live in dignity with a sense of purpose.
  • My government will have zero tolerance for wasteful spending. We will therefore tackle waste, fraud, and abuse of office to make sure our national wealth is spent wisely and efficiently.
  • My government will strive to fund lending schemes which will ensure banks in Nigeria help secure our recovery, back our youth in their pursuit of good education and back our businesses to create jobs and ensure growth in our economy.
  • We will strive to create an independent, national infrastructure bank that will support critical infrastructure development in Nigeria.
  • We will encourage lending to support investment in start-ups and innovative schemes, thus help firms which are looking to expand, invest and take on new employees.
  • Tackling tax evasion, tax avoidance, and tax planning will be important in our economic plan. We will build capacity in global automatic tax information exchange systems, and significantly improve the Federal and States Inland Revenue’s capacity as Nigeria’s tax authority.
  • Higher Tax Rates for High Income Earners. I believe that by making those at the top end of the earning quota, and the largest corporations pay their fair share of tax, we can pay for the ambitious progressive infrastructural investments we are proposing.
  • I will support and spearhead the creation of policies which ensure that our tax code rewards businesses that make investments and provide good-paying jobs in Nigeria.
  • Zero Tax for Minimum Wage Earners and Petty Traders. I believe that Nigerians who earn the minimum wage and those who use petty trades to pay their daily living should be exempt from paying taxes.
  • Uniform Tax Rate for Corporations. Corporations must pay taxes at the same rate irrespective of size and location. The deciding factor is the amount of profit made by such organizations.

Judicial and Legislative Reforms.

  • My administration will appoint senior lawyers, and judges who have led very clean pasts and who have no scandals trailing their career in the legal profession into an independent Commission for the purpose of safe-guarding our Judiciary.
  • We will move to reform the entire Judiciary; provide updated equipment and human resources in the form of secretaries, stenographers, researchers etc
  • I will ensure only the best of us are elected into legislative offices. People who even though they are not lawyers or who have no inkling as to what legal drafting or debates mean, have a basic understanding of Nigerian legal and political system.
  • We will institute an independent remuneration commission for our legislators so as to ascertain what our country pays our law makers and the reasonability or not, of those payments. The future remuneration of all legislators in Nigeria will be set and implemented by this independent commission.


  • My administration will fight for a comprehensive system of primary health care delivery which will include dental and mental health care.
  • We must renew and expand our existing facilities, however emphasis will be laid to developing community health centers; community mental health centers, family planning centers, and accident and emergency clinics near all major roads in Nigeria.
  • We will create a comprehensive strategy to increase the pool of primary health care professionals in Nigeria, and by this – significantly increase the number of our men and women who are gainfully employed.
  • We will not pursue blanket free health care services for every Nigerian. This is unsustainable in our current economic clime, and will probably be in decades to come. I however propose a universal health care insurance scheme for all Nigerians.
  • My administration will not place barriers to private businesses which propose to join the health insurance business.


  • In support of efforts to educate Nigeria, My administration will set up a Sovereign Education Fund which will invest wisely for the purpose of supporting the education of Nigerians, the training of our educators, and the promotion of the institutions of learning in Nigeria.
  • We will set up a strict enforcement agency which will ensure parents who persistently avoid their duties to ensure their children attend school, are properly punished in accordance with extant laws.
  • We will invest in early childhood programs and provide indigent and low-income families with financial support in form of tax cuts to enable them access the high-quality childcare, and preschool programs designed for their communities.
  • We will support compulsory and free primary education for every Nigerian of primary school age.
  • Free healthy school meals will also be provided for each child in every primary education facility in Nigeria – be they private or publicly run.
  • Compulsory quality secondary education for every Nigerian who has completed primary education.
  • Healthy meals will be provided at each Secondary School for the pupils, however the meals will only be subsidised. They will not be completely free of charge.
  • I propose a scheme where low to no-interest loans will be made available to aspiring University students in the age bracket of 16 and 30 years.
  • Our current and projected economic circle calls for the privatization of most of our Universities in Nigeria. The State and Federal governments may retain ownership of some of these institutions, but most of them should go to private hands.
  • Whether students are at private or public Universities, fees will be commensurate to the programs of study, so there will not be arbitrary increment in school fees – whether at private or public institutions.
  • We will make access to vocational schools and colleges possible for students who wish to learn a trade rather than go to tertiary institutions.
  • Special needs schools will be built to suit the different age groups and different needs of our disabled community. We will also design schemes that will take physical disabilities into account in designing homes for this group of Nigerians.

Constitutional Reform

  • I will actively pursue a complete overhaul of our constitutional law and only provisions which were genuine efforts to try and find ways to help us live together as a united country with patriotic citizens will be retained.
  • I am committed to reforming our criminal justice system and ending incarceration without lawful trials in Nigeria. I will aim to employ one criminal code for the entire country.
  • My administration will push for new and updated laws in our criminal justice system. We will restructure and improve our prisons and police detention centers.
  • We will invest in training for police officers, and the creation of national guidelines for the appropriate use of force.
  • We will encourage better police-community relations, require the use of vehicle and body cameras, and stop the arbitrary arrest and detention of our citizenry by the police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • We will require our courts to speedily investigate all questionable or suspicious police-involved shootings, and we will support communities who help make those investigations and prosecutions more transparent.
  • We will support all the States of the Federation in providing funds for a system of public defense for the indigent accused persons or suspects.
  • We will introduce a civil asset forfeiture system to enable suspects under financial crimes forfeit assets to our national coffers in return for less severe punishment.
  • Criminal Sharia law is simply unknown to our legal justice system and should be abolished.
  • I propose the use of extensive intelligence and CCTV cameras to monitor criminal activities in Nigeria.
  • My administration will work with our communities to imbibe the culture of calling for the intervention of our law enforcement agencies and to discourage jungle justice.

Commercial Development

  • My administration will identify all our natural solid and liquid mineral resources, and develop a futuristic agenda as to their exploration and exploitation for the benefit of the entire country.
  • We will completely revamp the leadership of the NNPC and replace the old NNPC with one which will think progressively and implement measures which ensure intelligent, environment and community sensitive exploration and exploitation of our crude oil resources.
  • We will firmly support manufacturing in Nigeria. We will constitute a “Made in Nigeria” commission under the Trade Ministry and give it the duty of establishing thriving manufacturing communities and hubs in Nigeria.
  • We will support entrepreneurship and small business growth in our communities by providing funding through bank loans, mentoring and training to entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • We will have only one exchange rate and this rate will apply across all quarters. Furthermore, we will not spend taxpayers’ money to fund any religious pilgrimages, no matter the denomination.

Religion and Nigeria

  • My administration will work with our mosques and Islamic learning centers throughout Nigeria to ensure radical Muslims are ineffective in preaching their brand of Islam to the masses.
  • We will promote Islamic studies free of hatred of anybody, any tribe, any religion. We will therefore come down heavily on those who refuse to let others choose the way to their own brand of God.
  • We will enforce compulsory primary and secondary education at all schools in the north of Nigeria, and severely punish parents who refuse to let their children go to school.
  • We will help establish Islamic learning centers throughout the country, so that those who want to learn about Islam can do so freely. In the same vein, we will encourage every other faith and religious groups to set up in any part of Nigeria they wish to.


  • We will work with the National Tourism Board to create a Leisure Trust Fund. This fund will help work expand local, state, and national recreational centers.
  • NIP is committed to quadrupling the size of our outdoor economy, and through this create hundreds of billions of naira in this new economic activity and millions of new jobs.
  • NIP will approach the conservation of our lands and waters in a way that reflects the diversity of our country.
  • We will strengthen protections for our natural and cultural resources, increase access to parks and public lands by building and maintaining good roads and waterways. We will protect our local species and wildlife, and harness the immense economic and social potential of our lands.